YES!!! Get your Admin Brick Today!

This new admin tool has many uses.

You can throw it at dumb cachers.
You can bang your head against it in frustration.
Moderators can use them on people that break forum guidelines.
When your having a tough week with argumentative cachers,
just bash yourself on the head and suddenly all your worries will be forgotten.

An admin is designing a catapult to aid in negotiations with
cachers who place traditional caches while on vacation.

This will come in your admin package from Groundspeak with your
kevlar body armor and skin-thickening milkshake.

Admins may purchase additional Admin Bricks at the Groundspeak Store
for just $1 ($3 for a package of 5) plus $1.95 shipping per brick.
(It is a brick so it is heavy!)

Please contact hydee or mtn-man if you need instructions on usage.
Email her at
Email me at