mtn'man goes to Cyan in Mead, WA

During a WA vacation I took time to stop the headquarters for Cyan Worlds. What a treat it was...

I knew I was in the right place when I saw the front entrance. I had seen photos before.

It is rather... unique.

As you walk in you go to the left and there are several pictures on the wall. This is one of the Riven dwellings.

It was signed in gold pen.

Then there were a series of illustrations from the Riven game. This one shows the throne that Ghen sat on when he tormented the whark.
The second illustration shows the evolution of the fire marble power machine.

This was one of my favorite parts of the game.

Next were some of the whark drawing ideas.
The Telescope.

Lots of idea floating around on this one. This photo is extra large so you can see more detail.

A little more detail on one of the islands of Riven.
Ghen's overcoat and cloak.

The D'ni wore some thick clothing didn't they? I guess it is cool in the caves.

Ghen's Boot and his Gun.

This is a great shot of his gun. I took some close-up photos of the gun site too.

The gun site on Ghen's gun.

It was cool to see the five pointed star used as the site for his gun. There is so much great attention to detail, as you would expect from the folks at Cyan.

The Catherine Barbie Doll

I just had to take a photo of this thing. I wonder how many sold (and how many of those people know who Catherine really is).

The Moiety Rebel Costume.

This was really cool to see up close. Great detail to make it look so ethnic. Another outstanding job by Cyan.

The clay model of D'ni.

I was quite shocked to see this. I snapped a photo to have a high resolution version of this object. I had seen it in the book also and loved seeing it in person.

The fish tank from the Teledahn Office no less!

I fell out when I saw this thing. How funny is that. It was so tempting to see if there was a book under there. (Bet they have heard that one a thousand times.)

What's that on the lower right side of the tank?

A fuzzy close-up of Atrus inside the fish tank. Poor guy.

I should have taken a flash photo of Atrus in the fish tank. I still get a chuckle.

Another picture of "Diver Rand" can be found on their web site...
clicky clicky.

Catherine's Outfit

Complete with the wig and all. Nicely done as always.

"The Dead Guy"

Remember right at the beginning of Riven when the guy takes the book from you while you are in the cage. Then he gets shot with a dart and falls dead. He gets dragged away and if you are observant you see him thrown over the cliff when you get out of the cage.

Yep. That's his outfit.

Too bad he was slow with the knife, huh. You can see Ghen's symbol on the knife, but you don't know it is his symbol until you figure that out later.

Right as I was leaving I took a self portrait at the front archway. What a fun trip is was. I had no idea what would happen and everyone made me feel at home.

Thanks Cyan.

I did buy an awesome Riven book about the creation of that game.  I also got RAWA to sign my Myst Reader book. It was really nice of him to take some time to chat with me and sign my book.
This last photo is a close up of RAWA's signature. It is not clickable since this is blown up to the maximum size possible.

My visit was late in the afternoon of June 23, 2005.