Until URU Tapestry University Bahro Glyph Tours -- Tour 1

Throughout the ages of URU there are glyphs painted here and there. Ireenquench and Ti'chelle have been nice enough to take visitors to the cavern into these ages to discuss and speculate what these glyphs mean. The first tour featured a stroll through Eder Kemo. What we learned was amazing.

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If you would like to download an mp3 file with the complete narration, right click and "Save Target" on the link below.

Bahro Glyph Tour Narration -- Beginner Tour (16.3 MB).

Our tour was through Eder Kemo.

The map at the right shows the areas where the
glyphs for the tour were located. On the
introductory tour we did not look at all of the
stations shown on the map.

We started our tour near number 16,
The Puffer Garden Sequence.

Gathering and introduction.

Source info. Links are listed below the image tour.

At the first location near Shomat's Journal.

A close up of the glyphs.

Many of these glyphs were actually taken from
Newspaper Rock in Utah.

A close-up of the image to the left shows the
comparison between the game and the rock.

We then moved up to the fountain area.

The first glyph was Teledahn.

Looking closely at the glyphs.

The next glyph showed Gahreesen.

Many bahro around the Gahreesen glyph.

Kadish, my favorite age.

There is a washed out glyph between Kadish
and Gahreesen. It was hard to see, but...

Our hosts sent us an enhanced image so we could
see the images better within the drawing.

The group looking and listening.

Backing up a bit further shows all the glyphs.

Of course, one thing about being in Kemo...

... isthe rain that comes down on a regular basis.

Moving down behind the bamboo we find more.

This shows about how large they are to an avatar.

Interesting how the bahro look on this stone.
Clicking the picture shows the stones only.

Doing a /jump1, you can see the blue ring that
runs around Eder Kemo. (NO /jump1 on D'mala.)

Moving behind the spinning statue, we can see
Yeesha's portrait painted on the rocks.

A close-up version shows what may be a slate and
also the volcano, Kerath's Arch and the tunnels.

We got a preview of the future tours.
The image shows the glyph next to the bahro cave.

Quite an interesting comparason.
Could this be the Watcher or the Seer?

Ireenquench has posted the following information in the Tapestry Forums.
I have reproduced it here since there is so much good information linked from her post.

Ireenquench: Hi everybody.

I wanted to thank all who came to the introductory tours on the glyphs in Kemo. I enjoyed myself very much and hope everybody had the same pleasure of digging deep into D'ni's secrets, learning more about the Bahro and their artwork, learning more about that big multilayered story Uru tells us.

This event being a program of Tapestry University, certificates of merit (designed by TheThunder) are being sent out to those who attended. (Please show them off guys, they're so pretty :-) )

If anybody couldn't attend the introductory tours, we still haven't scheduled the intermediate or progressed ones, nor have we talked about "reruns". But there might be a sound file coming at ya, stay tuned ;-)

Below are the pictures used in the first tour, plus some links for further in depth reading.
(mtn-man note: The pictures from her post are included above and are omitted here. The sound file is at the top.)

Kemo Glyphs and more

Original artwork:

Stephan Martiniere http://www.martiniere.com
... also many thanks to: Josh Staub, Gary Butcher, Eric Anderson, Victoria Brace, Austin Thomas
and everybody else who might have worked on the glyphs in Uru


Bahroglyph discussion group at DLF (thanks to Anna Catherine and Domahreh) images at: http://linguists.bahro.com/domahreh/glyphs/images.html (thanks for extractions to Zardoz and Hogarth) discussion forum at:

Comprehensive article on DPWR (thanks to Alahmnat and Donahoo): Article by cathyk with help from BrettM:

The Echo Article by LaReh and Dan'ni:

Several in-depth threads at UruObsession, thanks for collecting them Gadren and thanks to all contributors, especially to Futographer:

one of the first threads to figure out meaning of glyphs:

this one is about how the glyphs of the Yeesha Story were found:

initial speculation on the above glyphs (Yeesha story):

thread about discovery of inspirational resources (Native American art), unfortunately the site I found is down:

Gadren's take on the mysterius EK 7 Glyph (three figures under arch)

BrettM's take on EK 7 (three figures under arch)

addendum!!!!: Linkin Imp just started a whole new thread about the question on which age EK2/EK3 (washed out glyph in fountain sequence) shows, he's got a brand new theory, too (Myst V spoilers):


mtn-man would like to thank Ireenquench and Ti'chelle for all of their work. The Glyph Tour was an amazing couple of hours. I cannot do it justice. Of course, there is nothing like being in the cavern as the tour is taking place.

Tapestry University was a project started by several members of the Tapestry Shard when Until URU was still the way for explorers to gather. When the Until URU shards were taken down in favor of Myst Online: URU Live, it was lost to the changes that occured at that time.