Until URU Screenshots from the Cavern and the Ages

The original URU Live was shut down abruptly in February 2004. In August of 2004 we suddenly found out that Cyan was giving us back an online presence. While there was no new content, we could once again meet in the city and hear the city noise instead of the cold quiet of the empty city. (Go back to Prime, go into the city and put your headphones on. It is very quiet. Then go back to UntilURU and listen. The D'ni plumbers are working on the bathrooms and the city has voices again!)

Despite no new content, we had a tremendous time. The modified KI was been a blast.

These are some of my favorite images from within the UntilURU while the Tapestry Shard was open.
I was the guy in the red shirt and the khaki pants... and the Panama hat.

Click any image to see an 800 x 600 image. A new browser window will open.

One of the most favorite pictures I've ever taken in URU is the lightning strike in the cleft. You can also see the bahro standing on the rim of the volcano.

I tried every time I finished a new shard and finally got the perfect shot.

This is a bitter sweet image to say the least. At this point in the game you are done.

Well, that is...
Until URU.

One of the best things about URU is getting lots
of people together in one place.
Of course, we do crash the shard sometimes!

Getting into tight spaces can be fun as well..

We have gathered together for events.
A group looking at the imager on Myst 4 night.

The same group later listens to Myst 4 music
right as Myst 4 was being shipped.

greypiffle moving Kerath's Arch around.

Tomala abuses Kerath's Arch!

Riding back on the "ferry ride" across the cavern.

Kierra with her famous conehenge.

I had the rainy cleft fissure bug for a while.
You see the fissure even though I saw Yeesha.

The famous balcony jump.
I think Riki got this shot of me coming down.

Me next to the zandoni in the rainy cleft.

Yours truly crashes the zandoni into the cleft!

URU Live

Remember Live? Remember what the desktop looked like back then?


The last night of live I took a screenshot as I attempted to login...