Until URU Gahreesen Maze Game

This page will explain how to play the Gahreesen Maze Game. It is in the prison area, which is the large tower. While it is really fun to play, the game tends to strand you when you get to the top of the maze and link to the final holding chamber. If it doesn't get stuck, you see books that take you back to the starting point. It is fun when it all works right.

Step 1

Each player needs to go to one side of the Training Facility. Sit down in the chair. Only one player needs to push the red button on the top center of the grid panel on the screen. This will activate the game.

Step 2

Once again, one player only needs to set the number of maze blocks that will be used in the game. The purple button on the right or left will increase or decrease the number of maze blocks. Pushing the center purple button will set the game block number. This example will have 8 blocks per side as indicated by the yellow dots at the top of the grid.

Step 3

I continued to increase the number of maze blocks until I got to 12. Once the number of maze blocks for the game is set, then each player begins to select where the blocks will be for the opponents side. Click on the board to light up a block. If you click it again it will deactivate that blocker. You can go back and forth until you get the grid the way you like. Each player then pushes the big red button at the top center once done and the game board is set!

Step 4

Get out of the chair and walk through the tunnel into the maintainer room. Go over to the tube. If it is in the up position (as shown) then the game is set and ready to go. If not, go back to the chair and make sure you have pushed the red button.

Step 5

Step into the tube. The tube will drop down around you and will give you a maintainer suit. The floor under you will then open and you will be dropped on to the game floor.

Step 6

Once on the game floor, step out and walk over to the game platform. You can also feel free to explore the game floor a bit if you like.

Step 7

As you walk over to the ladder that takes you up to the game platform you will see a button lit up against the wall on the right. This is the abort button. If you click this button you will link back to near the game setup chairs. Only use this button if there is an error with the game or with the other player. It will reset the game board.

Step 8

Walk over to the ladder and climb up to the platform. You can carry on KI conversations with the other players in the Age with you as you move around and/or play the game on the wall. Turn and face the wall and you can begin to climb!

Step 9

Begin the game!

You can climb up and down and left and right. You can see my avatar faintly on the wall (center of the photo) as he climbs sideways across the game surface.

Step 10

As you climb you will be trying to avoid the other player's set maze blocks. If you hit one it will illuminate and you will drop back down to the surface of the platform. It will go dark again, so you must try to remember where the blocks are as you play the game.

Step 11

If you can avoid the other player's blockers you will reach the top of the grid. The object of the game is to touch the illuminated bar in the top center of the grid. Once you touch the bar you will link out...

Step 12

... and into the Maintainer's Room. Here you will loose your maintainers suit and go back to your old avatar. Go over to the linking book, touch it and you will go back to the setup chair area. You can only touch the book if it is your color's turn.

For the other player, the game grid will light up to show the other player the way out of the maze board.

NOTE: If you come into the maintainers room and you are walking and then your view switches to first person and you cannot move, then you have more than likely crashed. You might be able to link out using your Relto book, but you will most likely have to restart. This is the only bad thing about the maze game -- it crashes pretty often.

Thanks to Tehl Nava for playing the game with me so I could get these game shots.